Factory General Helpers for Malaysia

Factory General Helpers for Malaysia

Factory General Helpers for Malaysia
Job Description (Total Position: 15+)
1. Age : 18-40 years old
2. Nature of Work (Briefly) : Bricks Factory
3. Salary : RM 900.00 per month
4. Overtime : RM 506.22 (6.49 Per Hrs x 78)
5. Increment : Based on performance
6. Allowances : (mention appropriate allowances)
7. Period of Contract : 3 years and extended on mutual agreement.
8. Accommodation : Provided by the Employer
9. Food : On the account of Employee / Employer
10. Medical Facilities : As per Malaysian Labour Laws
11. Annual Medical Examination : Paid by employer
12. Bankers Guarantee in favour of the Immigration Department of Malaysia : Paid by the Employer
13. Air Passage : Free air passage upon completion of 3 years contract
14. Leave and Holiday : As per the Malaysian Labour Law
15. Normal Working Hours : 8 hours per day
16. Overtime Allowance : As per Malaysian Labour Laws
17. Payment of Levy : Paid by the company and deducted from monthly salary of employee in 12 equal installments
18. Payment of Insurance Premium : Paid by the employer
19. Transport : Provided by the employer from accommodation to work place.
20. Death compensation : As per the Malaysian Labour Law (covered by FWCS)
21. Repatriation of terminated workers (due to para 18 & 19 of contract) : Paid by the employee
22. Repatriation of sick, disabled workers : Paid by the employer
23. Repatriation of Dead Body : Paid by the employer (covered by FWCS).
IMPORTANT: For Manpower pooling only. No fee to be collected during application process. Alahad Group does not charge any application- processing- or referral fee at any stage of the recruitment process, ever. If you are approached for a fee, charges or payment of whatsoever nature by any recruitment agency or employer, Please do not make such payment and immediately write to us with full details on info@alahadgroup.com. We will always send e-mail from an identifiable corporate account i.e. @alahadgroup.com and never from a public email account, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Google, or Hotmail.

IMPORTANT: For Manpower pooling only. No fee to be collected during application process.

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